Pub Trivia

Pub Trivia

Team trivia is the ideal activity to draw a large, regular crowd out during the week. The two-hour game is always different, fun to play and spectate too. It’s the ultimate icebreaker, creating debate and teamwork between friends and strangers. It is amazing how excited people get about what they know, and the thrill of competition.

The participants break into teams. They are given score sheets, answer sheets and pens. The trivia host explains the rules, asks a question and plays a song. Often, the song will correlate to the question, or answer. Question: What car company’s mascot is named ‘The Spirit of Ecstasy”? Song played: “Car Wash”, a 1976 number-one single by Rose Royce.

The teams have the length of the song, less than four minutes to negotiate an answer and how many points to bid. At the end of the song, the answer sheets are brought up to the scorekeeper and the host announces; “The Spirit of Ecstasy is the mascot of Rolls Royce”. The crowd goes wild and we move onto the next question.

There are twenty questions broken into four rounds, with score updates in between. The teams with the most points at the end win the prizes, which the organizer provides. Gift certificates, apparel, and cash make great prizes. There should be something for everyone on the team.

MCO Productions provides this service to dozens of locations weekly. Please contact us for pricing and availability, and check out one of the weekly trivia games on the right.


Team trivia is perfectly suited for team building events and blowing off some steam. It is amazing to witness how excited people become, competing with their coworkers or fellow students.


The participants are placed in teams. Some organizers preselect team members, or randomly hand out numbers at the door to assign teams. Team sizes are usually 4 – 8 people. Teams are instructed to come up with team name, and the host explains the rules.

After a question is asked, a song is played. The teams have until the end of the song to come up with an answer, bid (point value) and submit their answer sheets to the scorekeeper. The song often correlates with question, or could be a hint. Once all answers are submitted, the host will then reveal the correct answer. The crowd goes wild and we move onto the next question.

The questions are generally a 50/50 mix of pop culture and academic categories. The questions we select are guessable. There are a few possible answers which teams debate for 3 – 4 minutes. Fuelling their competitive nature, players jump right out of their chairs when they get the answer right. We can also customize the questions to suit your preferences, even asking questions about the business/organization.

The game is 20 questions and takes about two hours. At the end of the game, the host awards prizes to the teams with the most points. Victory is the grand prize but it’s always nice to award gift certificates or boobie prizes to team members.

MCO Productions has been providing this service since 1996. We provide team trivia for dozens of corporations, schools and weekly pub quizzes. Please contact us for a price quote and availability.